Elizabeth Radow on Real Estate impacts of Residential Drilling on The Capitol Pressroom for October 3, 2011 | WCNY Blogs

The Capitol Pressroom for October 3, 2011 | WCNY Blogs.

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Brian McMahon, ED of the NYS Economic Development Council helps us understand how the 4+ billion dollar investment in the state by high tech firms will work.


Elizabeth Radow, Special Counsel in the firm of Cuddy and Feder, with duel expertise in real estate finance law and transactional law has some legal advice for New Yorkers who have signed leases with gas drillers. Specifically, she has up-to-date information about insuring yourself against
liability. Radow is in the New York State Bar Association’s Real Property and Environmental, Energy and Resources Section.

Attorney Elizabeth Radow will be appearing as a speaker along with Al Appleton at the Mamaroneck Public Library at 7pm – 9pm tomorrow for a program focusing on gas drilling’s impacts to county residents. She will specifically address the risks from underinsured gas companies to homeowners, the secondary mortgage market and ultimately, taxpayers. Al Appleton, former commissioner of the New York City Department of
Environmental Protection will be speaking as well For more information on this forum called:

“Why Natural Gas Drilling in Upstate NY Impacts Westchester County Residents”

Elisabeth Radow, (914) 761-1300; (914) 833-3753

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Hydrofracking Leases Subject of Regrets in New York – NYTimes.com

Hydrofracking Leases Subject of Regrets in New York – NYTimes.com. 9/23/11

Coverage of GDACC Lease Termination Workshop in Lafayette. 9/19/11

Chesapeake to start deducting some costs from royalty checks



Chesapeake to start deducting some costs from royalty checks

Posted Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2011

About 20,000 royalty owners who have Barnett Shale natural gas leases with Chesapeake Energy will likely see their royalty checks slashed by roughly 25 percent after the company deducts expenses associated with post-production, such as gas gathering, compression and transportation.

The actual percentage and dollar amount decreases in royalty checks will vary monthly based on natural gas prices, post-production costs and output from wells.

Affected royalty owners were notified of the new company policy in recent letters. The changes took effect with July royalty checks that were based on May production, according to Julie Wilson, Chesapeake vice president for urban development and the top executive in its Fort Worth regional office.

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