New York State Assembly Hearings on Health Effects of Shale Gas Extraction

NYS Assembly Hearings on Health Impacts of Hydrofracking–May 26, 2011

July 29, 2011 by Leave a Comment (Edit)

Attached is the transcript of the May 26th NYS Assembly Public Hearings.  You can get a DVD set of the hearings by mailing a check for $10 (in the memo line write “for DVD of May 26th public hearing on health and hydrofracking”) to Office of Public Information, Room 202, Legislative Office Building, Albany, NY 12248.
There were also 863pp of written testimony submitted and this is also available through the Office of Public Information.  However, they aren’t on electronic file, just hard copy.  You can get that copied for 25 cents a page by contacting Robin Marilla at 518-455-4218.  It can take up to a month, but some of that information may be useful for tyour SGEIS comments.
More on the SGEIS and health issues in a future email…
However, in brief, the revised SGEIS fails to protect human health.  (  Search the document for key words, like endocrine disruptors, or names, like Theo Colborn or Robert Howarth.
–As with the previous draft SGEIS, there is no chapter dedicated to human health.  Busy medical professionals must go through over 1000 pages to try to gather health info, so chances are they won’t.  Some of the information is incorrect, incomplete or outdated and the conclusions based on their information therefore wrong (eg, radioactivity, waste, chemicals…)
–No Health Impact Assessment was done.
–There is no mechanism for tracking human health impacts and assessing risk.
–Cumulative impacts on individuals, communities, the state are not addressed.
–There is no provision to protect vulnerable populations.
–The complete list of determinants of human health are not covered in the SGEIS, nor are the stressors on human health.
–There is no regard for the Precautionary Principle.

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