Data Sources & Statistics

U.S. Census Bureau.  2007 Economic Census

The Oil Drum

The Oil Drum | Don’t count on natural gas to solve US energy problems.

New York State Rural Land Use Survey, 2005

  • International Statistics

The IEA advances collaboration and information exchanges, holding workshops and conferences, providing training at the IEA or in dialogue countries, conducting joint projects, and/or providing policy recommendations in energy policy reviews.  The following are the main areas of collaboration:

  • energy data and statistics
  • oil supply security and emergency preparedness
  • market analysis
  • policy reviews and surveys
  • energy statistics and data
  • energy indicators
  • modelling and scenario analysis
  • energy efficiency
  • technology co-operation
  • climate change and environmental instruments
  • Renewable Energy Statistics:

And here’s a nice wiki page with resources listed at the bottom:
This one is interesting, but hard to do side-by-side comparisons:

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