Hydro-fracking 101

Overview of high-volume, slick-water, horizontal, hydro-fracking.

  • Drilling 101 (Shaleshock)

  • Lindsey Grant fracking-lg  Is Fracking and Answer? to What?  by Lindsey Grant

    Hydraulic fracturing (“fracking” in the popular literature; “fracing” in some technical
    journals) is a technique for expanding gas and oil production. It is dramatically raising
    expectations for future gas and oil production, and technological optimists are hailing it as
    the answer to fears of a decline in world fossil energy production. In fact, it is still largely an
    unknown, and we cannot say with any confidence how it will affect the future of fossil energy.
    If indeed it does contribute substantially to world energy supplies – particularly gas – there
    will be profound ramifications, and they are not all benign. If it is simply used to support more
    growth, the new supply will support an unsupportable life style for a little longer and then lead
    to a deeper collapse. If we recognize the limits to growth, perhaps we can use it to ameliorate
    the transition. I shall describe the process briefly, identify some of its strengths and dangers,
    and offer a tentative evaluation of its potential impacts on world issues from climate change to
    food and the future of human populations.

  • Resources on Drilling NYRAD

  • The Promise and Problems of Shale Gas – 07.24.2011 | Energy Now.

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