Information for Medical Professionals

Sign-on Letter for Medical Professionals and Organizations

Fact Sheet:  Health and Human Rights Issues Related to Drilling for Natural Gas

 Ask your doc poster

Professional Organizations Speak out on Hydrofracking:

 Medical Society of the State of NY  Calls for Moratorium

Presentations, hearings, conferences on Health Effects of Hydrofracking

Health Surveys:

Health Impact Assessment:

Air Pollution:

Accidents and Injuries Related to Oil/Gas Production

Food Supply:

New York State Assembly May 26 Hearing on Health Effects of Shale Gas Extraction

Psychological Effects:

Chemical Hazards:

General Fracking Resources: 

Hazards to Schools – Forth Worth, TX

Water Contamination:

Case Studies:

One Response to Information for Medical Professionals

  1. lwvcc says:

    This is a place to sign on

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