Suggestions from the Green Umbrella.

Suggestions from the Green Umbrella.

The New York Times just broke the story–Governor Cuomo is planning to lift New York’s Fracking Moratorium, opening our state to this reckless gas drilling industry. That’s Fracked Up. What could Cuomo be thinking? With the Times pulling back the curtain on the gas industry’s potentially criminal lies about fracking economics and New Jersey passing a ban on fracking last night, our Governor is turning our state down a path of environmental an economic recklessness. But we aren’t going to let that happen. No fracking way.


  • Step One: Overwhelm Cuomo’s facebook page.
    • Here’s how: Cuomo has two facebook pages One! Andrew Cuomo Two! Governor Andrew Cuomo.
    • IMPORTANT: The main tab “Andrew Cuomo” only displays what the page admin posts. to post here you have to make comments on what our lovely governor says to us The second tab “Most Recent” shows all comments post here too, but remember that you can post on both the MOST RECENT and the MAIN PAGE comment sections.
  • WHAT TO POST: Post the links from this Documents Archive: These are insider emails from the NY Times discussing the severe uncertainties of gas drilling profitability, comparing gas drilling to the dot-com and housing bubble, and likening drilling company executives’ behavior to the behavior of Enron executives. This is exactly what Cuomo doesn’t want the public to see.
  • Step Two: Update the Cuomo and Fracking Wikipedia Pages
Here’s How:
1) Wikipedia: Governor Cuomo. Add an “Environmental Record” section to his wiki, detailing the controversy around fracking and his position.
2) Wikipedia: Hydraulic Fracturing. Add a State/Regional Ban section to the page on fracking, explaining the the New York Context, the opposition to the industry and Cuomo’s relationship to it. Wikipedia is a great and innovative resource, so remember that the page should embody the facts. There is DEFINITELY enough material out there for us to write a lengthy and legitimate section on his reckless fracking behavior.

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