Resource sheet on Local Laws



Local Laws – How To Work With Your Town Board


Essential sites and local groups for Cortland and Onondaga and Cayuga Counties-

Cortland  –

Onondaga –

Cayuga –


Background on Local Laws from Helen and David Slottje of  Community  Environmental Defense Council –


Brochures, calendar, info. –

Films of local events excellently


So as not to re-invent the wheel – This is a link to Otsego area coalition – the threat of drilling is most palpable in the southern tier where many towns are actively and  most effectively working on drilling issues – this site lists a comprehensive amount of information and resources on How To Get Started in Your Town –


This includes links to printable brochures on all kinds of drilling issues, contacts for lists of speakers, and advice on how to gather a committee, approach your Town Board, put together a presentation and petition.


Three key ideas to get your Town moving on drilling protections:


Petitions quantify the sentiment and give a voice to present to your Town Board.  The  most effective are from the voter registration rolls – the people that vote matter to your politicians.  Call  your County Board of Elections –  and get a free list of registered voters,  it comes in an excel spreadsheet sorted by address.  Mailing labels are available  too at a nominal costIn Onondaga County, one can have the list of registered voters in your town emailed almost instantly.


Presentations are key to educating the residents and Town Boards.

There are many fine presentations online now at  There are very good and provacative films.  There are speakers willing to travel. site has a calendar of events.   Town Board members may not be willing to go to meetings, so bring the speakers to them – videos work well too, peruse


Talk with your Town Board members and attend the meetings.  It only takes a phone call to get yourself on the agenda.  Don’t assume the Town Board is not aware and concerned because they’ve not taken action.   Gas drilling is an enormously complicated issue and policy is evolving continuously, it’s almost impossible to stay on top of all that’s happening statewide.  Develop a working relationship and help them research  the current thinking and best policies  to get some protections on the books.



as example of requisite SEQR review – was read aloud at the vote meeting –
law itself is  here – Prohibiting High Impact Industry (Slottje work)

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