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Transportation of drill cuttings and other drill waste.

This truck is licensed in PA and according to PA Code, CHAPTER 287. RESIDUAL WASTE MANAGEMENT­GENERAL PROVISIONS, Part § 287.1. Definitions, “residual waste” is

“…Garbage, refuse, other discarded material or other waste, including solid, liquid, semisolid or contained gaseous materials resulting from industrial, mining and agricultural operations and sludge from an industrial, mining or agricultural water supply treatment facility, wastewater treatment facility or air pollution control facility, if it is not hazardous. The term does not include coal refuse as defined in the Coal Refuse Disposal Control Act. The term does not include treatment sludges from coal mine drainage treatment plants, disposal of which is being carried on under and in compliance with a valid permit issued under the Clean Streams Law.”

Now the oil and gas industries have been exempted from the usual hazardous waste regulations that apply to other industries, so even though residual waste is supposed to be “not hazardous” it does not mean that the contents of this truck were not hazardous.

If anyone has any follow up information on this type of vehicle it would be greatly appreciated.  P.S.:  Gas Field Specialists, Inc., has a web site at http://www.gfsinc.net/.  They are based in Shinglehouse, PA and they have other locations including a site in Horseheads, NY.  They are especially proud of their frac tanks, the featured product on their web site.

NY DEC Materials with Beneficial Use Determination


Illegal Dumping of Waste

  • Sent: Sun, December 5, 2010 9:29:29 PM. Subject: [Shaleshock] citizen journalist catches frac fluid dumping in near Washington PA
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToNjVL7ZGA8Caught this guy dumping Frac Fluid on Rt 19 approximately 4 miles north of Washington, PA. He was parked and out of the truck with water running when I drove by. I had my video camera because I was on my way to my son’s hockey game at Bethel Park. When he saw me stop and search for my camera, he shut the water off, got in his truck and drove away. This was Sunday morning around 9:39 am on the 5th of December 2010. I called the PA DEP and registered a complaint.

Injection Wells:

Potential for Accidents:

A dump truck carrying Pennsylvania gas well drill cuttings bound for a local landfill crashed early Monday afternoon on Erwin Hollow Road, spilling its cargo over an embankment to the edge of a stream in the Erwin Hollow State Forest.

The driver, Joseph J. Kuen, 60, of Northampton, Pa., was sent to the emergency room at Corning Hospital to be treated for minor injuries, according to New York State Police at the scene.
Kuen had lacerations caused by shards of glass from the dump truck’s shattered windshield, troopers said.

Kuen was ticketed for driving at a speed not reasonable or prudent.

He was driving uphill on Erwin Hollow Road, headed for the private Hakes C&D Landfill up on Manning Ridge Road. He was entering a sharp curve when the dump truck skidded and overturned. The impact left gashes several inches deep in the asphalt.

The accident happened less than a mile up Erwin Hollow Road.

Erwin Hollow Road is off Victory Highway. The turn is near a shopping plaza and the Painted Post exit off Interstate Highway 86.

Kuen was believed to be hauling cuttings from the well bores of Marcellus Shale natural gas wells being drilled in Pennsylvania, near the Williamsport area, troopers said. The cuttings were mixed with sawdust, which is used by drilling companies to solidify the mud before it is taken to landfills.
Environmental groups say drill cuttings contain radioactive materials from deep beneath the earth’s surface, although landfill operators and regulatory agencies say it is in low levels.

The load Kuen was hauling Monday for a Washington, N.J.-based company was not classified as hazardous, troopers said, although the state Department of Environmental Conservation was called to investigate as a precaution.

The spilled cargo appeared to stop just short of the edge of the stream, which feeds into the Conhocton River just above its confluence with the Chemung River.

Crane’s Towing was called in to handle the task of uprighting the dumptruck and using heavy machinery to clean up the mess. The hauling company will be billed for cleaning up the accident scene, according to state police.

The Painted Post and Coopers Plains fire departments assisted at the scene. Painted Post village police and Rural/Metro Medical Services also responded.  Copyright 2010 The Corning Leader. Some rights reserved

Local Control of Drilling Waste

Waste Water Treatment Facilities

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