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GDACC (Gas Drilling Awareness for Cortland County) is a group of residents working to educate ourselves and the community about the impacts of shale gas drilling and related infrastructure, both locally and on a global scale, and to advocate for a sustainable energy future.                                               

Rationale:  We believe that shale gas cannot be mined safely, causes environmental harm, including air and water pollution, and would damage our quality of life.  Shale gas extraction would commit the United States, and the Earth, to further and prolonged dependence on fossil fuels, leading to increased global warming and catastrophic climate disruption.  In addition, it would suppress development of renewable energy resources, which are essential for a sustainable future for our planet’s environment and all its inhabitants.  

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Or at P.O. Box 5151 Cortland, NY 13045

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“(We) may live diminished lives in the midst of noise, of darkness, and of deadly exhalation. But the world cannot become a factory, nor a mine…Neither the avarice nor the rage of men will ever feed them.”
         —Ruskin, 1860, Unto This Last

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