Water Quality/Release Data

Water Quality/Flow Statistics

  • Susquehanna River Basin Commission
  • SRBC Water Release Data Water Resource Portal
  • NOTE:  The natural gas points are listed in one document that is updated from
    time to time and by company on this site.  As of 1Nov 2010 they will
    have to list how much they can withdrawal from municipal water
    sources.  Also some approved sources are not listed on the 22 Sep 2010
    form and are on the 17Sep 2010 press release after the 16 Sep 2010
    meeting.  I also see a few every day.  At the Great Bend Exit on 81
    you can get off and park at the Pump and Panty gas station and watch
    the Cabot withdrawal site.  They say it is in Great Bend Borough but
    they can not read a map since it is in Great Bend Township so their
  • permit is wrong.  Also if you go down the hill right by the Pump and
    pantry you will drive by the site Chesepeake is building.  This will
    be a permanent  fixture with electricity and pumps like the Cabot one.–Bret Jennings


  • New York Rural Water Association. This assn seems to concern itself almost entirely with small public and private water systems as opposed to individual residential wells. However, it appears they have some appropriate tech expertise. They have a database of articles on water quality that can be searched by keyword.    A group, like say a lake assn or a town assn of individuals could join as a group.
  • Citizens Groundwater/ Surfacewater Database

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