Recommendations on Commenting on Health issues in SGEIS 2011

The NYS DEC issued their preliminary revised draft SGEIS  ( at the beginning of July 2011.  In August or September the SGEIS will be supplemented with a part on noise impacts and a part on community and economic impacts.  Other than that, it’s complete.  Soon after that the DEC will begin a 60-day hearing period.
If you have expertise, even an opinion, your comments on the adequacy of the SGEIS to protect human health are very important. The SGEIS was delivered at the Governor’s direction without having assessed how humans would be impacted and without provisions to gather data and subsequently provide relief to impacted people. No health impact assessment was done, nor any risk analysis on potential human health impacts.  Here is a link to the Battlement Mesa HIA ( ) which studied the stressors to human health as experienced in Colorado; it will likely be different here in New York State.  Also, attached, are three peer-reviewed papers on potential health impacts related to gas drilling, for your information.
The DEC and the DOH should receive your comments.  Most importantly, the Governor must receive a copy.  In addition, if you wish to share your comments on a website for others to read, please send a copy to   and your doc will be posted here .  After you have submitted the comments, the web host will send you a link to your document.
Below is a list of potential stressors on human health in areas where gas drilling is occurring.  Following the potential stressor are some of the locations in the SGEIS where you can find reference to that particular topic; however, additional references may be found scattered throughout the document–use the SEARCH option.
The list of mitigating procedures listed in Ch 11 will refer you back to the relevant section in the SGEIS).
If you can, please review the SGEIS in its preliminary form, and again when the draft is completed, and please make comments.
DEC address for comments will be available in the near future and will be posted on the gas drilling tech notes site.
NYS DOH contact information:
Dr. Howard Freed, Director
Center for Environmental Health
New York State Department of Health
Flanigan Square, 547 River Street
Troy, NY  12180-2216
518-402-7500  and an additional address for the DOH
The Honorable Andrew Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224  and here is an alternate address:
Larysa Dyrszka, MD
In addition, if you wish to share your comments on a website for others to read, please send a copy to  and your document will be posted here  After you have submitted the comments, the web host will send you a link to your document.
In preparing your statements on health, you may wish to use some references.  There are many science and health articles posted on, a site provided by Damascus Citizens.   You can find additional, and more general, information about writing comments on the SGEIS at SourceWatch I wrote in the earlier email, we can all benefit from your comments, so please post them on or by emailing them to and the webmaster will post them.  I have been working with Damascus Citizens to develop this repository for comments on TechNotes.

Please note:  Two articles which are peer-reviewed are only available for purchase, and should be labeled as such on any websites.  They are :

Two peer-reviewed articles are available in the public domain.  They are also on TechNotes:
*The page we are reproducing above was developed and offered to the public by Damascus Citizens for Sustainability (DCS) via its auxiliary website – a library of gas extraction reference material – at this page     DCS has its main website at  and an alternate address:

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