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Gas Controversy on the Shores of Seneca Lake

Source: Video: insight 5/24/13 | Watch Insight Online | WCNY Public Media Video

Millennium Changes Rte 81 Pipeline Plans twice in 2 days

Cortland Standard coverage of Rte 81 Pipeline Plan Changes 12/18/13

Plan to connect Millennium pipeline to Dominion pipeline in Cortlandville.

Statement of Joseph Heath, Esq. on Millennium’s tactics: Message from Joe Heath 12-20-13

On Monday, December 16th, a senior Millennium vice president
e-mailed me and said “Unfortunately, the markets (sic) participation
did not materialize in a sufficient quantity to justify pursuit of the
project at this time.”
However, by Wednesday, December 18th, the Millennium media
spokesman changed that position and told the newspapers “Based
on that initial response there was not sufficient demand to move
forward with the development all the way to Syracuse, so we are still
evaluating the southern part of that line.”
Their plan now appears to be consideration of constructing of a
large, high pressure pipeline from the Millennium east/west pipeline
in Broome County to connect with the Dominion pipeline in the middle
of Cortland County.
So, if we can’t trust their senior vp in charge of the project, how
can we trust their landmen when they come to our doors?
Rest assured that the Stop the I-81 Pipeline resistance group
will continue our work of educating landowners and our communities,
and that we will double down our efforts until everyone is protected.
Our research shows that building a 30 mile pipeline to connect
the Millennium to the Dominion makes no sense, because these
pipelines already cross near Horseheads, in Chemung County. On
September 9, 2013, the pro-fracking Marcellus Drilling News, ran an
article which stated:
The story of the northeast: Too much Marcellus
Shale natural gas, not enough pipelines to move it all
to market. More pipelines are on the way like the
Constitution, but in the meantime, how to move the
enormous amount of gas already flowing? 1
On Friday, the Millennium Pipeline, a major
transmission pipeline that transverses New York
State . . . announced a binding open season through
September 13 on a proposal to ship more Marcellus
gas by creating an interconnect between Dominion
Transmission’s pipeline and the Millennium at or near
Horseheads, NY.
We will need to continue to research how a corporation can
attempt to justify to FERC, or its shareholders, the much more costly
and disruptive 30 mile pipeline, rather than the interconnect in
Horseheads where the two lines already cross.
Unfortunately, the residents and landowners of our
communities cannot get reliable information from this corporation,
and so, we will continue our work, and our research which we will
share with our neighbors.
Landowners will never stop defending their property against
eminent domain by private corporations that seek to build
dangerous, redundant and unnecessary fracked gas infrastructure
across the landscape, bringing ruin to farms, destroying property
values, menacing air quality and drinking water. Millennium should
expect and will receive stiff, well-organized and well-researched
citizen resistance at every step.
Joe Heath
December 20, 2013
1 Here, the industry is openly admitting what we have known and said repeatedly: these
pipelines are only about moving fracked gas to increase corporate profits.
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DEC meeting on LNG regulations — Rally 10-16-13


I-81 Pipeline meeting Homer 9-23-13

I-81 Pipeline Meeting (Homer) playlist

A public informational meeting about the I-81 Pipeline. Joe Heath, an experienced environmental and social justice attorney, and Craig Stevens, a sixth generation landowner with a pipeline, discuss impacts of pipelines on communities and the environment. Sept 23, 2013 at Center for the Arts of Homer. Video by Cris McConkey and Bo Lipari for

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New York hates natural gas development – Buffalo – Business First

New York hates natural gas development – Buffalo – Business First.

Joe Heath on Capitol Pressroom

anytime on-line at


We continue to discuss energy withOnondaga Nation attorney Joseph Heath.  According to today’s NYTIMES, “The glut (in natural gas) puts the United States at the center of the increasingly globalized natural gas market.”  Recently EXXON was  issued an export license for natural gas; and a Qatar government-owned company received a permit to ship US gas to Japan and elsewhere overseas.     What does this mean for the debate over hydrofracking here in New York?

Oct. 24, 2012


Onondaga Nation Comments on the 2011 Hydrofracking SGEIS

Onondaga Nation Comments on the 2011 Hydrofracking SGEIS.

Hydrofracking Leases Subject of Regrets in New York –

Hydrofracking Leases Subject of Regrets in New York – 9/23/11

Coverage of GDACC Lease Termination Workshop in Lafayette. 9/19/11

Binghamton Big River Splash

Our First Big Splash

Here’s what we’re planning:

Binghamton Big River Splash / Southern Tier CleanWaters Symposium

Friday, June 3 –  First Friday @ Atomic Tom’s Film/Music/Education events. Opening Reception.

Saturday, June 4 Southern Tier CleanWaters Symposium, RiverWalk Hotel. 10:30 am-4:00 pm. Key Note address by visionary mother, author, ecologist Sandra Steingraber. 10:30 am How to End a Lease with Attorney Joe Heath. 1:00 pm Keynote with Sandra Steingraber. 2:30 pm Health Effects of Hydrofracking.  Evening Entertainment. Free admission with a suggested donation.

Sunday, June 5 The Binghamton Big Splash!!!, In Beautiful Recreation Park. 11:00 am-9:00 pm. Live Bands and Special Guests all Day Long; YOLK, Sim Redmond Band, Drift Wood, Richie Stearns and the Evil City String Band, The Burns Sisters, Thousands Of One, Dutch Bucket System, The Green Deeps, Cabinet. Mayor Matt Ryan Two Stages Ten Bands, Free Show with a suggested donation of $10.00. Food Vendors, Water Workshops, Live Solar and Wind Demonstrations, Citizen Out Reach and Tabling.