Gas Drilling
Awareness for Cortland

All wealth flows from the environment, not the other way.

Humans have a very hard time with this concept.


Next GDACC Meeting--

Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015 5:00 pm

SUNY Downtown, 9 Main St. Cortland, NY



What: RALLY to Celebrate New York Fracking Ban and Lead the Nation in Renewable Energy!Time: 11:30 am – 12:30pm

Where: Concourse Hallways, outside the entrance to the Convention Center, Empire Plaza, Albany, NYNote: Rally is indoors.
- Then … We Party !! -

What: We Banned Fracking CELEBRATION! Featuring food, drink, special guest speakers & music!
Time: 1pm-4pm (Note: There is a 3pm departure time for the Ithaca bus)
Where: The Hilton Albany 40 Lodge St. Albany, NY (one block down the hill from the Capitol building, on State Street)

PLEASE NOTE: The first Ithaca-area bus will depart Albany at 1:30pm for the We Are Seneca Lake folks (assuming there are folks who need to be back for the arraignment) aiming for a 4:30pm arrival in Ithaca. The second bus will depart Albany at 3pm aiming for a 6pm arrival in Ithaca. When you sign up for a bus ticket, you can select which bus you’d prefer.


Comprehensive list of buses from across the state found at: www.nyagainstfracking.org


Reserve a Seat in Ithaca/Caroline/Whitney Point: http://bit.ly/IthacaBus2015

Here’s the full link: http://act.foodandwaterwatch.org/site/Calendar?id=115101&view=Detail

Here are the details of the Ithaca bus pickup / drop off locations:
  • Ithaca: 8 a.m. at Neighborhood Pride (210 Hancock Street, Ithaca, NY 14850) return by 6pm
  • Caroline: 8:20 a.m. at Celebrations Banquet Facility (2331 Slaterville Road, Ithaca, NY 14850) return by 5:45pm
  • Whitney Point: 8:40 a.m. at the Point Motel (2961 U.S. 11, Whitney Point, NY 13862) return by 5:15pm
  • Ithaca: “We Are Seneca Lake” bus, 8 a.m. at Neighborhood Pride (210 Hancock Street, Ithaca, NY 14850), returning around 4:30pm for arraignments

For a Shuttle in the Albany/Capital District region contact Susan Weber at sweber2@nycap.rr.com or at 518-462-3247

As always, please email me with any questions, comments, concerns, etc. sarah@nyagainstfracking.org.
Look forward to seeing you on the 21st!
Rally Co-sponsors:
New Yorkers Against Fracking
Frack Action
Food & Water Watch
Catskill Mountainkeeper
Citizen Action of New York
Sierra Club – Atlantic Chapter
Alliance for a Green Economy
Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy
United for Action
Environmental Advocates
Center for Health, Environment and Justice
Environment New York
Citizens Campaign for the Environment
New York Working Families Party
Green Party of New York
Progressive Democrats of America
Syracuse Peace Council
Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation
Park Slope Food Co-op
Occupy the Pipeline
Water Defense
New York Society for Ethical Culture
Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) – NY
Gas Free Seneca
Rochesterians Concerned About Unsafe Shale Extraction
Sanford Oquaga Area Concerned Citizens
Vestal Residents For Safe Energy
City of Binghamton Residents Against Fracking
Western NY Drilling Defense
Southern Tier Against Fracking
Otsego 2000
Concerned Citizens of Montauk
Hudson River Sloop Clearwater
MoveOn Long Island
MoveOn Capital District
NYC Friends of Clearwater
Grassroots Environmental Education
Three Parks Independent Democrats
Westchester for Change
All Our Energy
Coalition to Protect Communities from Fracking’s Collateral Damage
Marcellus Accountability Project
Back to Democracy
Yoga for the Earth
Cayuga Lake Watershed Network
New York Youth Against Fracking
Sierra Club Niagara
Western NY Environmental Alliance
Nurse Rise
GreenStar Co-operative Markets
Dryden Resource Awareness Coalition
Shaleshock CNY
Campaign for Renewable Energy
Damascus Citizens for Sustainability
Community Free Democrats
New York State Young Democrats
North Shore Audubon Society
South Shore Audubon Society
GDACC (Gas Drilling Awareness of Cortland County)
Environmental Justice Committee, SUNY Cortland
Nassau County Green Party
Mothers Out Front
North American Climate Conservation and Environment
Franciscan Earth Corp
Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition
Western NY Peace Center
Slow Food Huntington
Stencils Against Fracking
Jews Against Hydrofracking
Stop the Minisink Compressor Station
Campaign for Renewable Energy
People for a Healthy Environment
Sustainable Tompkins
The Pearl of Seneca Lake Bed and Breakfast
Fossil Free & Green NY
Southern Cayuga Anti-Fracking Alliance
Reach Out America
Protect Orange County
Learning Sustainability Campaign/Green Watch
The Kirkland Committee to Prohibit Hydro-fracking
Gandhi Earth Keepers International
Friends of Sustainable Sidney
Friends of Butternuts
Frack Free Genesee
Elmirans and Friends Against Fracking
Bay Ridge Peace Action
Bay Ridge Democrats
Barnard Columbia Divest for Climate Justice
Ban Fracking Now
Alchemical Nursery
MoveOn New York
MoveOn Finger Lakes
Interfaith Moral Action on Climate
Granny Peace Brigade
Residents Opposing Unsafe Shale Gas Exploration (ROUSE)
Broadway Democrats
Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club
MoveOn NYC
Physicians for Social Responsibility – New York Chapter
Sierra Club – Lower Hudson Group
Huntington – Oyster Bay Audubon
People for a Healthy Environment
We Are Seneca Lake
Baum Forum
Chefs for the Marcellus
American Sustainable Business Council
Businesses Against Fracking New York
Residents Against Fracking Tioga
Green Sanctuary, UUCB, Binghamton
Delaware Riverkeeper Network
New York State Sustainable Business Council
Brooklyn For Peace

New Pipeline Website:  http://stop81pipeline@wordpress.com/ (inactive 11/14)






  • Local Events

  • New video from Sierra Club on Fracking:    


    For Immediate Release-Statement From Gas Free Seneca

    Contact-Joseph M Campbell, DC (607)769-4639 muchado2@gmail.com



    Yesterday, Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 10 area residents were arrested at the gate to Houston, TX based oil and gas corporation Crestwood Midstream for blockading the access gates to their proposed LPG and methane storage facilities. Included in their number, the protestors included Dr. Sandra Steingraber, author and biologist, 86 year old Roland Micklem, Master Sergeant Colleen Bolland-US Air Force (retired), 76 year old mother and grandmother Jeanne Judson and her son Patrick and 6 others.


    These ordinary citizens are taking the extraordinary step of putting their bodies on the line to protect Seneca Lake and the Finger Lakes from this out-of-state corporation whose only goal is to develop gas storage as quickly and cheaply as possible, and who are receiving a blank check from the agencies responsible for overseeing these projects. The rubber stamp of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has already approved the expansion of fracked methane storage against the wishes of those of us who call this place home. 


    Ironically, Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State DEC announced an Issues Conference at almost the exact time that those 10 people were getting hauled away.


    Why do regular citizens take these extreme steps? When they feel that they are being ignored after years of trying to work within the system by runaway agencies like FERC, when DEC continues the permitting process after independent experts have pointed out the flaws in this misguided project, when our elected officials ignore our pleas, then out of a sense of frustration and helplessness they feel this is their last resort.


    A contingent of local business owners, scientists, doctors and others went to our nation’s capital, Washingon, DC, a week ago and met with staff for US Senators Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand and Congressman Tom Reed. We presented compelling arguments that these projects should be denied and we pleaded with them to intercede on behalf of their constituents with FERC. Our pleas have been falling on deaf ears for nearly 3 years now. Even though Congressman Reed has publicly stated that the Finger Lakes Region is too valuable a resource to allow hydro-fracking within its watershed, he has been silent on the gas storage project that carries the very same dangers with it.  It’s time that our elected representatives in Washington stand up for the residents of the Finger Lakes Region and tell Crestwood that this is not a place for massive industrial gas storage.


    Over 240 local and regional businesses and thousands of local residents have joined a coalition opposing Crestwood’s plans to industrialize our region putting the vibrant and growing winery and agri-tourism based economy we have here at risk. An independent study found that the risk of a serious or extremely serious catastrophic accident happening with this type of gas storage over a 25 year period is more than 40%. One incident like the catastrophe in Hutchinson, KS in 2001 would tarnish the brand of the Finger Lakes for generations.


    Recognizing this, 13 municipalities in the Finger Lakes, including 4 counties, numerous Townships and the City of Geneva and Village of Watkins Glen have passed resolutions opposing Crestwood’s plans, most unanimously and across party lines.


    We don’t want to take that risk so that an out of state corporation with no ties to the Finger Lakes and with zero liability in case of a catastrophic accident can take their profits back to Houston, TX, leaving us to clean up the mess.


    We call on Senator Chuck Schumer, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Congressman Tom Reed to step up, speak out, and help their constituents keep the Finger Lakes safe from heavy industrial gas storage.



    Comments Needed on DEC Air Monitoring Review

    Annual ambient air monitoring network review


    Full text of the plan

     We should submit comments on this.  There is virtually no monitoring in the Southern Tier counties that are likely to be hit hardest if Cuomo approves fracking.  Relevant to current and proposed compressors, pipelines, power plants, transportation hubs, etc.  Monitoring in Central NY is limited to East Syracuse and Camp Georgetown.   We should insist that monitoring start IMMEDIATELY, so that damage can be tracked.  DEADLINE JUNE 20, 2014


  • NYS Draft Energy Plan: Comment Period Extended

    Share this: TinyURL.com/2014NYSDraftEnergyPlanThe comment period has been extend on the Draft NYS Energy Plan.
    Main site: http://energyplan.ny.gov/Get a copy of the plan: http://energyplan.ny.gov/Plans/2014.aspx

    Critique by Keith Schue: “More Gas than Teeth”:
    http://allianceforagreeneconomy.org/sites/default/files/Schue-talking-points.pdf‎EASY! Submit 22 sample letters from Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy:
    (You can make changes and add your own comments)
    http://org2.salsalabs.com/o/5952/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=16887Make a comment via New Yorkers Against Fracking
    (PLEASE USE THIS METHOD for accurate tracking of responses):


    Official Site: make a comment: http://energyplan.ny.gov/Process/Comments.aspxIthaca Forum on the Energy Plan:

  • Tues., Feb. 18, 2014 6:30 PM – “Can Your Town Ban Fracking? The Law and Politics” 

Attorneys Deborah Goldberg and Joe Heath 

Southern Tier Independence Center, 135 E. Fredrick St., Binghamton


  • Mon., Feb. 24, 2014 7 PM – Sandra Steingraber vs. John Holko debate

(Ecologist, Author, founder of NYAF) vs. John Holko (Officer, Lenape Resources, IOGA).

Chamber Hall, BU


stop 81 pipeline




Marcellus and Utica Shale Potential in New York State

Oct 30, 7pm Cornell Univ. 

 Video Coverage

Informational Meeting on I-81 Pipeline held Sept. 23 at Center for the Arts, Homer NY




dont frack

  • myths 2 columns (1)

Fracking Update April 2014




Video of Leasing Workshop Mar. 2013 in Norwich


of Jan 10th Assembly Hearing on Hydrofracking





fracking cartoon

“This Assembly Believes
Hydrofracking Does More Harm Than Good.”

Debate at SU Nov. 30, 2012 Video


Remember to put Governor Cuomo on your

 That way, wherever you are, you can
call 518-474-8390,
choose option 3 to talk with his assistant, and give your
passionate “elevator speech” of the day.

It’s exciting to express a slightly
different aspect every day!





Preliminary Revised Draft SGEIS
-Selected Comments and

Sign the Coalition Letter to Governor
Cuomo to Withdraw RD



  • _____________________________________

Donations by check can be made directly to Gas Drilling Awareness for Cortland County.  

For tax deductible donations, which are used specifically for educational projects,

checks should be made payable to

“Sierra Club Foundation” with “Finger Lakes Group” in

the memo line.

All checks can be mailed to

GDACC;  PO Box 5151;   Cortland, NY

We provide speakers/presentations
for local groups on leasing, economics, environmental, agricultural
impacts of industrial gas drilling.

Contact us at gdacc.cortland@gmail.com   

Us on Facebook


No Frack 
& Friends of Clean Air
and Clean Water
Yard Signs are available for $5 each

Oh My Goodness, natural foods store

in Homer, NY

“It is much easier at
all times to prevent an evil than to rectify mistakes.”

George Washington, 1798


9 Responses to Welcome

  1. Thank you, Thank you so much for all your information. I am using the letter you wrote to Chesapeake and I so appreciate it. Again thanks for all your hard work in keeping us informed.

    • I asked my rural town in NY if we had any areas zoned for heavy industry. The reply was no. We have three areas zoned for light industry. Do I need to do anything else to protect my town from hydraulic fracturing.

      • Sheila Cohen says:

        Andi, There are several people in Cortlandville who are interested to circulate petitions to ask that the town make explicit within their zoning code that they exclude heavy industry. You can email me at scohen3@twcny.rr.com and I will put you in touch with Ray Dunnigan and others who have an interest in assuring that the town does not allow heavy industrial activity such as mining/gas drilling/hydrofracking. Thanks for taking an interest in assuring the community is protected. Sheila Cohen

  2. Radoslav Kamenov says:

    I am writing to you from Bulgaria and in the name of thousands of Bulgarians regarding the upcoming ecological disaster in our country.

    In the middle of June 2011 our government granted a five-year permit to the U.S. company Chevron to carry out shale gas exploration in the most fertile part of our country – “Dobruja”, for 30 million euros. There is much evidence that the technology of exploration and extraction of shale gas is very controversial and it can damage the environment. We are trying to organise ourselves via facebook – so far we have formed a group of about 10 000 enthusiasts – in order to inform the Bulgarian population about the dangers of exploration and extraction of shale gas.

    Our request is: We know that there are a lot of people in the US that are harmed by the hidraulic fracturing consequences How about if we coordinate our activities , record them and give them to medias for broadcasting IN BOTH OUR COUNTRIES SIMULTANEOUSLY?It is ever increasingly difficult to overcome the obstacles of our famous bureaucratic machine, as well as the pessimistic attitude of some fellow Bulgarian citizens, fed up with the statements of the Bulgarian Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism, and a group of biased scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Science. According to them, the exploration of shale gas is safe and no different than the exploration of oil and natural gas, and the extraction itself doesn’t represent any danger to the environment. Of course, there are many other specialists who are saying the opposite, but they are given no publicity, which doesn’t surprise us at all.

    Our Facebook group’s page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/ecobg/
    For contacts: dokumentalni2@gmail.com or facebook.

    With regards,

    A Bulgarian Civil Movement, which wants to preserve the beauty and integrity of our country’s nature.

  3. Virginia Karpenko says:

    I appreciated the sample letter for sending and canceling a gas lease. I am using it to cancel our lease; however, I find one item lacking in this web site and similar web sites. You tell us to get a good attorney that is familiar with gas leases, but you don’t list any on your site. I attended Joe and Mikes’ seminar in Summer Hill and they recommended it as well, but again no particular names given and Joe stated he certainly wasn’t looking for more work. It does no good to Google for them you get news items and very few names. Why don’t you provide a list of attorneys that handle gas leases (writing and canceling them)? If you’ve got a listing here you’ve managed to bury it where I’m having trouble finding it. Thanks for all the information.

  4. Virginia Karpenko says:

    I want to thank everyone that helped to build this site and for the sample letters on canceling a lease. I received wonderful news today in the mail…I received my lease termination notice that had been filed in the county clerk’s office. I was overjoyed. A great burden has been lifted from my family. When we signed the lease we’d never heard of hydrofracking and foolishly assumed that any drilling would be a traditional well. I know now that there were questions that should have been asked and weren’t. I only hope that more people in New York come to realize that even though the offer of big bucks is tempting, a pristine country side is more important. Thank you for everything.

  5. Dan McConnell says:

    From http://www.dec.ny.gov/energy/205.html:

    “Oil, gas and solution salt mining wells are economically important in New York State ….

    “….In addition, the Division protects the correlative rights of mineral owners and ensures that oil and gas reserves are developed such that a greater ultimate recovery can be achieved. This is accomplished through well spacing and compulsory integration.”

    This isn’t conservation of the environment, it’s collusion with drilling companies. Were real returns/gains locally to be realized-you could ALMOST explain away the evil. But there’s not even that. For all the whining about an economic opportunity that could be squandered, the people involved have already proven how they handle economic opportunity. It would be a net loss for us and the environment, an incredible gain for them. I say the law should be the more you make off a drilling, collection, storage, processing, operation, the closer you have to live to the site.

  6. Bob Lidsky says:


    Welcome to REAL NYS – Responsible Associated Landowners of New York State

    As a landowner in NYS, please join the movement to protect your land, home, livelihood and family from the impacts of fracking.

    You can learn more by checking Our Mission and Our Work at: http://realnys.com

    As the battle continues over fracking, the gas companies claim that they represent a majority of landowners. We beg to differ. We are sure there are many more landowners who believe that our land is worth protecting from industrialization and that we are, first and foremost, stewards for our land. We refuse to be bullied into trading short-term energy profit for long term environmental and community destruction.

    Won’t you join us?

    Visit the site, go to the join us! page and add your land to the list/survey so we can show the government, politicians and gas industry that we stand together, united in our commitment to keep our lands frack-free. All property, in every part of NYS, and of every size should be included.

    And please, spread the word by forwarding this message to everyone you know in NYS. Help us change the conversation about gas drilling. Let us show the world how much New York’s landowners love their land. Thank You!

    Please Forward

  7. Ryatt says:

    Thank you GDACC for doing what you are doing to help protect Cortland County. Can anyone please give me an accurate number of the percentage of Cortland County (preferably by village/town) that has been leased for drilling?

    Thank you!

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