Chesapeake Bay battered by Susquehanna flooding – News – The Times-Tribune

Chesapeake Bay battered by Susquehanna flooding – News – The Times-Tribune.

Why should the solution fall on the sewer plants and the farmers instead of the gas industry that’s causing the increase in sediment and pollution?

On Sun, Oct 2, 2011 at 10:37 PM, Brett J <> wrote:
This article looks just nice, but look into the numbers and remember
that the two year testing for how much sediment, total nitrogen, and
total phosporus is going on now.  So do you think PA will be above or
below the 2009 testing for the discharge into the Chesapeake Bay.
Then think about NY.  Then read the strick letter, from the EPA on 29
December 2009 to the head of the Chesapeake Bay Commission.  I guess
building sewer plants to the limits of technology may be in order if
the 2013 testing results are not better than 2009’s.  I think the 2011
testing is already exceeding the 2009.

This weekend I was able to talk with someone that did his thesis paper
on the Chesapeake Bay plan last December and it was great to talk to
someone that knew the ins and outs of the different TMDL’s.  The thing
both of us agreed on is no one will meet the TMDL or even the 60% goal
for 2017, but NY might be close to the 2017 goal.  There is just too
much coming from Virgina and Maryland.  Then the Susquehanna River is
just too, big to control and farmers are going to be a rare sight in
the SRBC area if the EPA does what is said it would do.

Bret Jennings