Petition to bring bill to suspend hydraulic fracturing to NYS Legislature

NYS Senators: Bring bill A07400 to suspend hydraulic fracturing for vote

Bill A07400 proposed by Assemblyman Robert Sweeney, Chair of the Environmental Conservation Committee, calls to suspend hydraulic fracturing in New York State. It passed in the Assembly, however the Senate has not yet acted on this legislation. We are opposed to hydrofracking due to long term irreversible adverse environmental and health impacts, and are asking our Senate leaders to take a stand and oppose permitting until more studies are completed.

Yes, there was a Senate version of this bill, S5592, sponsored by Carlucci.  It was introduced in June and got at least 9 co-sponsors.  You can research the bill on the NY Legislature  web site.

To be delivered to: The New York State Senate and Governor Andrew Cuomo

“We are citizens of NYS who oppose high volume horizontal hydrofracking. We request our Senate leaders act urgently to support Bill A07400 to suspend hydrofracking and bring this bill to the floor for vote.”  SIGN HERE: