Orphaned NY Oil and Gas Wells

Orphaned NY Oil and Gas Wells.

by Ron Bishop

Jan, 2012

History of Oil and Gas Well Abandonment in New York Ronald E. Bishop, Ph.D., C.H.O.Chemistry & Biochemistry Department SUNY College at OneontaSustainable Otsego, January 8, 2012Summary:

The aim of this study was to evaluate the

success of New York State’s

regulatoryprogram for the oil and gas industry with respect to post‐production plugging andreclamation. Annual reports from the Division of Mineral Resources, New York StateDepartment of Environmental Conservation over the last twenty‐five years portray an oiland gas industry which has consistently neglected to plug most (89%) of its depleted wells.In this regard, the most recent record has been the worst: Plugging percentage ratesranged from 3.5 to 7.1% t

hroughout the 2000’s.

Further, there is no program, existing or proposed, to periodically monitor and repair plugged and abandoned wells which have begun to leak. Therefore, new plugging and reclamation guidelines presented in the revised draft Supplement to the Generic Environmental Impact Statement for the Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Regulatory Program (rdSGEIS Section 5.17 ) , and proposed new regulations for plugging and abandoning depleted oil and gas wells (

6 NYCRR Section555.5 ) are inadequate. Moreover, they are mere academic exercises: Unless the State of New York State does something to dramatically alter the long‐standing culture of neglect,we can reasonably expect oil and gas industry operators to ignore any new standards just as they systematically ignore existing standards today

Senate Democrats Hydrofracking forum, Recorded on 7/18/12 NYSenDems on USTREAM. Other Entertainment

Hydrofracking forum, Recorded on 7/18/12 NYSenDems on USTREAM. Other Entertainment.

Risk Assessment Natural Gas Extraction.pdf (application/pdf Object)

RiskAssessmentNaturalGasExtraction.pdf (application/pdf Object).

Oil and Gas Well Abandonment in New York By Ron Bishop

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Ron Bishop. Oil and Gas Well Abandonment in New York
By Ron Bishop, Health/Safety Officer
*Editor’s Note: With the permission of author Ron Bishop, this article is excerpted from an article which has been ac-cepted for publication in a special issue of New Solutions.+ Begins on p. 24.

Potential-water-impacts.pdf Ron Bishop 7/20/11

poetntial-water-impacts.pdf (application/pdf Object).


Shale Gas Industry Impacts on Water Quality Finger Lakes Institute  7/20/11