Susquehanna County PA Compressor Station Tour

Bill Huston’s Blog (Binghamton NY): Plane Ride 7-17 Broome County NY / Susquehanna County PA Compressor Station Tour.

Archive | The Marcellus Shale Documentary Project

Archive | The Marcellus Shale Documentary Project.

Photo Gallery – West Virginia Host Farms

Photo Gallery – West Virginia Host Farms.

Marcellus Shale Documentary Project–Pittsburgh Filmmakers Galleries

I make it a point to get the word out for events. Sorry this is
getting out on the late side but this show is up until January 6 2013
and has a compelling list of participating photographers. Next Weds,
Nov 14, at 6:00pm, Brian Cohen Martha Rial will give an artist talk in
the gallery. I included a few links to give you a better idea of the
nature and importance of the work. Working on a documentary myself
about those involved in this issue, I find it evident that where there
is a huge gap in essential media coverage. The arts (in this case
photography) take a leading role to inform and educate with deep
social commentary. Where regulatory systems and protections from
government fail, the citizens not only fall victim, but they
themselves must find ways to protect themselves. Through the eyes of
these remarkable photographers you will see images that can help us
see what is hardley imaginable unless you, yourself have fallen

all my best,


Marcellus Shale Documentary Project

Noah Addis
Nina Berman
Brian Cohen
Scott Goldsmith
Lynn Johnson
Martha Rial

Curated by Laura Domencic
Pittsburgh Filmmakers Galleries
October 11, 2012 to January 6, 2013
The exhibition, curated by Laura Domencic, director of Pittsburgh
Center for the Arts (PCA) features more than 50 photographic images
which tell the personal stories of Pennsylvanians affected by the
Marcellus Shale gas industry. By creating a visual document of the
environmental, social and economic impact of the drilling, the
compelling images not only provide historical artifacts, but can be a
catalyst for discussion.

Associate Producer
GROUNDSWELL: Protecting Our Children’s Air & Water
Resolution Pictures

Dave Walczak


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