7,500 songbirds killed at Canaport gas plant in Saint John – New Brunswick – CBC News

7,500 songbirds killed at Canaport gas plant in Saint John – New Brunswick – CBC News.

The Purple Violet Press

The Purple Violet Press.

Before the open house was shut down last week in Durham Bridge by Natives, The Purple Violet Press was able to ask SWN General Manager Tom Alexander for a response to the recent spate of articles in the New York Times that had an anti-shale gas tone. Here’s what he had to say:
What do you say about one of these articles that has U.S. Department of Energy officials raising doubts about the longevity of the shale gas industry; that it’s a financial bubble like housing and technology stocks, and won’t last?
I disagree. It’s not a bubble. Supply and demand in business are in constant flux, it’s part of the business cycle.
Mentioned in one of the articles, Deborah Rogers of the advisory committee at the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas, has research showing wells are petering out faster than expected, costing companies more money than forecasted. What will SWN do if wells don’t perform as expected?
If the wells don’t produce, we won’t drill. But also, Deborah Rogers isn’t independent.

Alexander gave us numerous information handouts available at the open house, which we assumed would have information on what he meant about Rogers. However, upon later reading, nothing was found about her in the materials. But on the internet, an industry site, fuelfix.com, said she wasn’t a credible source on the issue because she had no background or education as an industry expert, but is a small business owner of a family dairy in Fort Worth, Texas that produces goat cheese.

Video of Native peoples throwing gas representatives out of a meeting.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLTayqAPRNM&feature=player_embedded