Living on Earth: Massive Natural Gas Disaster Hits Los Angeles

Since October, a leaking underground natural gas storage facility near Los Angeles has released vast amounts of methane, its main ingredient, into the atmosphere, becoming one of the nation’s worst environmental accidents, as methane starts off 100 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. Host Steve Curwood and Anthony Ingraffea, a civil and environmental engineer at Cornell University discuss the blowout, including. Professor Ingraffea’s belief that this disaster may be a harbinger of what’s ahead for these aging storage facilities.

Source: Living on Earth: Massive Natural Gas Disaster Hits Los Angeles

Aliso Canyon methane leak emissions sky-high, pilot scientist found

Source: Aliso Canyon methane leak emissions sky-high, pilot scientist found

Seneca Lake Methane Storage Project 31097521420002

Inergy has applied for permits for stratigraphic test wells. What they’re doing is opening and preparing depleted salt caverns for Natural Gas Liquid storage (aka fracked gas and fracked gas derivatives like Liquefied Petroleum).  Their plan is to be ready to store the glut of gas being produced from fracking as soon as the DEC accepts the EIS as final.  This decision could come down any day now and we could become the fracked gas storage and transport capital of the USA.

More Commentary on the project

You can call up the DEC permit record by visiting this URL

And entering either the API Well Number Equals (or Like) 31097521420002 
or Operator Like Inergy

API Well Number Production Information Formation Tops Casing and Cementing Hole Number Well Name Company Name Well Type Well Status Objective Formation Producing Formation County Town Map Quadrangle Quad Section Code
View Map the preceeding link opens in a new window
N/A N/A N/A 52142 Well 17 Inergy Midstream, LLC Confidential Confidential Confidential Syracuse Schuyler Reading Reading Center F
Quad Section Code Field Status Date Permit Application Date Permit Issued Date Spud/Start Drilling Date Total Depth Date Well Completion Date Plugging & Abandonment Date Confidential Expiration Date Confid. Period Type Subject to Financial Security Well Orientation NYSDEC Region State Lease Proposed Total Depth
F Confidential 3/29/201 3/29/201 4/10/2012 10/12/2012 Yes 1 Vertical 8 NA 2800
Proposed Total Depth Surface Longitude Surface Latitude Bottom Hole Longitude Bottom Hole Latitude True Vertical Depth Bottom Hole Total Measured Depth Kickoff Depth Drilled Depth Proposed Well Type Spacing Spacing Acres Integration Hearing Date Last Modified Date
2800 -76.896659 42.424476 -76.896659 42.424476 2800 2800 0 2800 Stratigraphic Exempt – not an oil or gas well 4/18/2012
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