Fracking Fatigue

PrawfsBlawg: Fracking Fatigue.

Health Impact Assessment for Shale Gas Extraction – Larysa Dyrszka, MD – YouTube

Health Impact Assessment for Shale Gas Extraction – Larysa Dyrszka, MD – YouTube.

Cortland County Poll on Hydrofracking Supports Local Control

Majority of Cortland County Residents say they do not want hydrofracking in their town and do want their towns to take action to control its use.

Poll Sponsored by Gas Drilling Awareness for Cortland Co. (GDACC) and Moving in Congregations, Acting in Hope (MICAH)

Concludes that Home Rule Legislation is needed to Protect towns right to self determination.

Cover Letter – Cortland County, NY.doc

Summary Results- Cortland County – December 17-18, 2011

Comment on a similar poll by same polling firm

Oldies 101.5 – Local News.New Poll Says 58% of Cortland County Residents are Opposed to Fracking

Welcome to FracDallas – Citizens for Safe Drilling

Welcome to FracDallas – Citizens for Safe Drilling.

Stop Marcellus Drilling

Stop Marcellus Drilling.

Fracking: The Music Video – ProPublica

Fracking: The Music Video – ProPublica.

Fracking: The Music Video

by Eric Umansky
ProPublica, May 12, 2011, 10:29 a.m.

Have you been curious what all the hubbub on “fracking” is about? Here is a fabulous music video explaining it:

Here’s more about the video, which was done by David Holmes and other talented journalism students at Jay Rosen’s NYU’s Studio 20. It was part of their collaboration with us to build better explanations for stories. For more on fracking, its lack of regulation, and the potential for drinking water contamination, check out our now nearly three-year running investigation.