Shale Oil Reserves Questioned Too

Shale Oil Reserves Questioned Too.

USGS Releases Damning EUR’s for Shale

USGS Releases Damning EUR’s for Shale.

USGS Releases Damning EUR’s For Shale

September 2, 2012

With far lower production figures than the gas industry hyped you can be assured that any landowner/leaseholders will receive far less than the hyped figures they were originally promised. But environmental and health and safety risks for landowners and neighbors will not be reduced. It is always important to keep in mind that these lower production figures and lower currant gas prices are not going to protect Plymouth, Chenango County and New York State from serious ultimate environmental and even long term economic damage, only moratoriums and bans will do that job. Even better protection will be a statewide ban. The gas industry has been proving time and time again that their development is a public menace and should be stopped. When are political leaders, most especially Republicans, in the town, county, Southern Tier and state going to clue in?