Sen. Avella on Fracking Forum

Sen. Avella on Fracking Forum.

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  1. Mike M says:

    Thank you Sen. Avella! Your hard work and investigative research and deep love for all of NY state and our small rural towns is to be commended. May God bless your efforts ten fold and bring all the right people around you to protect us from big industry that pollutes. You inspire us who care about the land, Sir. Look at the millions Syracuse and the state has to spend to clean up the pollution there alone.
    Without help from public servants like you, our small rural communities will fall under the control of big gas via town boards. Most small town boards and town supervisors are already becoming comprised by promises of fast money with drilling, reckless leases and conflicts of interests with town officials who hold leases themselves. Companys are taking control of small communities by way of leases. Its part of the land grab. Really sad! Not counting yet, all the state elected reps, town mayors and so forth who have bought land and possibly leased it out. Even some naive clergy.who should know better as stewards of Christ have jumped on the greed wagon.
    You have my support Senator. Let us know who is with you in Albany and Washington. We the People need to know.

    Pastor Mike

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