Save the Delaware – new Josh Fox video

Subject: New Delaware River video by Josh Fox

Hey everyone.  I made a new video on the current assault on the Delaware River Basin.  I feel like it’s probably the most important video I have made in my life.  Please watch it and send it to friends and family.  Thanks so much.

Here is the link.


SAVE THE DELAWARE. A new video from Josh Fox and Matt Sanchez. The Delaware River Basin is in severe danger. The Delaware River Basin Commission will vote on October 21st on regulations that would allow for 20,000 gas wells in the river basin. Now is the time to act. Please post (and repost and repost)





2 Responses to Save the Delaware – new Josh Fox video

  1. Ashley Whitehead says:

    Everyone I need your help! I have started a petition through the White House website to BAN HYDRAULIC FRACTURING OF THE MARCELLUS SHALE! I need 25,000 signatures within 30 days in order for the petition to be reviewed by the Obama Administration. If we reach this goal the Obama Administration will submit an official response and send it to the appropriate officials in order to take action. We have to stand together to fight this! Please take five minutes of your time to sign this petition and make a difference in our present and future!
    This is the link to sign:

  2. Lyn Alexander says:

    Wonderfully encapsulated minifilm with a comprehensive take on the ‘fracking state of affairs’ in the Delaware River Basin (et al). Kudos!!!

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