Ban in Otisco Watershed Dec. 13, 2010

One more victory to add to this very exciting day!
Tonight the Otisco Town Board unanimously voted for a moratorium in our Otisco Lake watershed and the Town of Otisco!  This was after we all heard Don Siegel, SU Professor (pro-fracking) speak for well over an hour.  The Board was gracious enough to allow us to speak as well (we had our “day in the sun” twice before) and ask Dr. Siegel questions, sometimes disputing and challenging what he had said.  All in all it was a very cordial evening, everyone was very respectful.  We expressed our appreciation for his time and “knowledge” and he actually complimented us (all people/groups working against hydrofracking) for doing what we are doing.  He said, “If it is done in NY State, it will be done w/ strong regulatory standards and we all have the Advocates against hydrofracking to thank for that.”  But he did paint a very benign picture of hydrofracking and kept making reference to “scare tactics” and being offended by the untruths of what is being said about “his” science.
I want to thank everyone who was able to be there and who came out in this horrible weather, OLPA Members: Kristin and Marty Ryan, Peg Kronen, Margie and Tim Creamer, and Ken Liberman.  ShaleShockCNY Members:  Joe Flynn, John Sutton, Diane LoDolce , Kitty Burns, and Norm Stormes (Mary Menapace was stuck in Atlanta, Dave Kelly was stuck at work and Teri Lore threw her back out and had just come from the Chiropractor, but thanks for trying to make it!).  
THANK YOU to everyone who spoke up…we are being heard! 
Anita Williams, President
Otisco Lake Preservation Association

2 Responses to Ban in Otisco Watershed Dec. 13, 2010

  1. K Klein says:

    Thanks for the information. Since I see Dr. Siegel about every 5 minutes on television, I have been wondering if he is/was compensated for appearing in the Pro-NG commercial? Did anyone ask him if he has a financial interest (grants/research funding)? Just curious…. – Thanks.

    • lwvcc says:


      That question was asked at the debate with Joe Heath in Syracuse and he claims that he is not benefiting financially. He simply wants to “take a stand” on something he believes in. Hard to believe! Mary

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