Jan 23–GDACC meeting SUNY Main St.-5:00 pm at 9 Main St.


If you have no intention of leasing your property for gas drilling, please sign the Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy Pledge and counter the claims of Landowner coalitions that they control the majority of acreage in New York http://catskillcitizens.org/nl/

Agenda.Sept 12

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  1. Bob Lidsky says:



    Welcome to REAL NYS – Responsible Associated Landowners of New York State

    As a landowner in NYS, please join the movement to protect your land, home, livelihood and family from the impacts of fracking.

    You can learn more by checking Our Mission and Our Work at: http://realnys.com

    As the battle continues over fracking, the gas companies claim that they represent a majority of landowners. We beg to differ. We are sure there are many more landowners who believe that our land is worth protecting from industrialization and that we are, first and foremost, stewards for our land. We refuse to be bullied into trading short-term energy profit for long term environmental and community destruction.

    Won’t you join us?

    Visit the site, go to the join us! page and add your land to the list/survey so we can show the government, politicians and gas industry that we stand together, united in our commitment to keep our lands frack-free. All property, in every part of NYS, and of every size should be included.

    And please, spread the word by forwarding this message to everyone you know in NYS. Help us change the conversation about gas drilling. Let us show the world how much New York’s landowners love their land. Thank You!

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