New drilling concerns in Brockway

New drilling concerns in Brockway.

New drilling concerns in Brockway

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Water stopped flowing briefly to a Brockway Borough Municipal Authority-owned artesian well Thursday when drilling by Flatirons Development pierced the aquifer.
Authority President Mike Arnold said Monday that Flatirons Development started to drill and set the first well casing last week on the borough’s watershed.
Arnold said when the well was drilled and cased, the water came back.
The authority and Flatirons reached an out-of-court settlement last month after the authority sought an injunction to stop Marcellus Shale drilling on its waterhsed. The agreement outlines Flatirons’ obligations if its operations interrupt the availability of water or contaminate the supply. It does not preclude drilling.
“I take it then there’s a direct link between the drilling and the water supply,” PJ Piccirillo, a member of the Brockway Area Clean Water Alliance, said.
Alliance member Bruce Miller asked if every time Flatirons drills a new well this is likely to happen.