Physicians Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy released a working paper analysis,


Toward an understanding of the environmental and public health

impacts of shale gas development: an analysis of the peer-reviewed

scientific literature, 2009-2014.  Dec. 10, 2014


Physicians Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy released a working paper analysis, statistical evaluation of the approximately 400 peer-reviewed studies to date on the impacts of shale gas development. In short, they examined what percentage of papers indicated risks/adverse impacts versus no indication of risk.


  • 96% of all papers on health indicate risks/adverse health outcomes;
  • 95% of all original research studies on air quality indicate elevated concentrations of air pollutants;
  • 72% of original research studies on water quality indicate contamination;
  • and there is a recent explosion in the number of peer-reviewed publications, with approximately 73% of all available peer-reviewed papers published in the past 24 months and a current average of one paper published each day.

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