Industry Announcements of the I-81 Project

Natural gas shipper proposes new pipeline from Binghamton to Syracuse area |

Proposed Millennium Phase 1 Pipeline: North-South Pipeline Connector.

Open SeasonAnnouncement MILLENIUM pipeline extension north south  (page 6 maps the route)

The extension will run from Binghamton through Marathon and Cortland to Onondaga Hill, thru the beautiful and vulnerable Tully Valley near the kettle lakes and the extremely unstable mud boil area.  The pipe will run across school grounds, through field and farm, skirt the Onondaga Nation and the Town of Otisco and end up in Onondaga Hill connecting to pipelines carrying gas east likely to be exported from proposed LNG export terminals looking to be permitted at ports east.

Additional  info on pipeline to link Dominion and Tennessee pipelines, build compressor, etc.   Millennium gauges interest in New York pipeline expansion – Oil & Gas Journal.

*Millennium Pipeline Floats Upstate North-South Natural Gas Connector  NY Shale Gas Now!.  Pipeline route map included!

Millennium Pipeline Company Announces Non-binding Open Season for Upstate Pipeline Project… — PEARL RIVER, N.Y., May 8, 2013

/PRNewswire/ —. The Millenium Pipeline company has started the process to explore the permitting of a new pipeline over an old decommissioned (for safety issues)  pipeline.


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