Risks of Unconventional Shale Gas Development

Risks of Unconventional Shale Gas Development.  6/2013

Workshop on Risks of Unconventional Shale Gas Development

May 30-31, 2013

The large-scale development of natural gas resources from deep shale formations has raised a host of concerns about risks to the environment and human health. This workshop will provide a comprehensive, evidence-based look at the scope, nature, and magnitude of environmental risks of unconventional shale gas development. Which risks concern people? What do we know about them? What do we need to know? Which risks pose major challenges? are all questions this workshop will address. The workshop will include discussions of the current state of knowledge on risks of concern and promote a broad and balanced assessment of the issues including presentations by invited experts, discussant comments from experts offering contrasting perspectives, and time for open discussion on each topic.

►  Agenda

► Video archives of the workshop presentations (scrolling list below screen):

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