Shale Gas Impacts on Northeastern PA

~GEA867.kmz – Google Maps.

Map of Well pads, pipelines, chemical spills, compressor stations… in Northeastern PA

You can zoom in and click on the symbols
and get an idea what the various symbols are for.

Here is a legend:
    Yellow pushpins = permitted pads;
    Yellow gas stations = fracked or producing wells;
    Red pushpins  = compressor stations
    Brown pushpins  = pipeline impact areas
    (only areas requiring permits – road or stream xing, wetlands, etc.)
    Brown circles = permitted hydrostatic testing discharge points;
    Blue drops = alternate waste management pits for fracked water
    Black pushpins = administrative violations, spill, contamination
    Wavy water = water withdrawal point

I will try to add this legend to the map itself.


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