New Documentary on Hydrofracking in Utica March 16, 2012

Subject: Re: Important Documentary about Hydrofracking! Please Read.
One day the people who live in a small village located in far eastern
Poland near the Ukrainian border, an ecologically pristine agricultural
area called the lungs of Poland discover that Chevron, the world’s fourth
largest energy corporation, plans to build a shale gas well in their

Utica native and filmmaker Lech Kowalski was there to film the first ever
farmer rebellion against Chevron.

Please join us for,

The American premiere of Lech Kowalski’s new documentary film, “Drill Baby
Drill.” On Saturday March 16, 4 PM at The Uptown Theater, Utica, NY.

Mr. Kowalski, a residing in Paris, France will be present for the
screening and for the discussion and question and answer period that will
follow the 84 minute film.

Mr. Kowalski has won wide renown over his 35-plus years as an independent
filmmaker whose large body of work has won awards and been the subject of
retrospectives at several major international film festivals.

“Drill Baby Drill” was shown recently in the French Senate, on French and
German television (earning high ratings) and will be shown to the European
Parliament in April, prior to its theatrical release.

The film, made in Poland and in Pennsylvania, tells the story of a small
group of Polish farmers who band together to protect their land from shale
gas extraction (hydrofracking). 
It examines the effects that ongoing
drilling is having on farmers and their communities in PA. Its subject
matter should be of strong, immediate interest to citizens of New York
where energy companies are leasing land with similar plans. The film
raises important questions about corporate power and its effect on
democracy and about the tensions between our need for new energy sources
and the need to protect our land and water. The film’s power derives in
part from its refusal to provide easy answers to the questions it raises.

Admission is $5. Proceeds from this event will go to support The Uptown,
The Other Side and Hydro Relief Web. For more information call The Other
Side at 315 507-2093 or email us at

Christina Markoulis, Board Member of The Other Side

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