Philadelphia Inquirer–Investigation on Pipelines

Starting in December 2011 and continuing over the past year the Philadephia Inquirer ran a huge investigative series of articles about the dangers of gas pipelines.  I had sent all this information to FERC as well as to Cuomo and I am going to post it again to them and here also for you.  Carole

Phil Inquirer: 1-Powerful Pipes, Weak Oversight | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/11/2011

Phil Inquirer: 2-Similar Pipes, Different Rules

Phil Inquirer: Ambitious U.S. gas pipeline illustrates hazards

Phil Inquirer: Federal pipeline oversight agency was troubled from the start


PHI. inquirer: Miles to go before feds inspect some pipelines

POSTED: Tuesday, December 13, 2011, 4:10 AM

PHIL Inquirer:Top U.S. lawmaker on pipeline rules .

Rural loophole curbing Pennsylvania pipeline inspections February 12, 2012

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