Clear earth, air, water ’round here–CD

Clear earth, air, water ’round here. (More information)

The Benefit enviro CD “Singing Clear: Clean earth, air, water ‘round here” is here! It is a compilation CD addressing issues of hydrofracking, mountaintop removal, the oil and gas industry with songs for a clean planet and sustainable energy. The compilation features excellent songs donated by artists including The Horse Flies, Driftwood, Marie Burns (of the Burns Sisters), emma’s revolution, Colleen Kattau and Some Guys, Aro Veno, Bev Grant, and Thousands of One, and includes a moving statement by acclaimed environmental activist and author, Sandra Steingraber excerpted from her Heinz award acceptance speech.

The CD benefits the work of GDACC, Shaleshock, NOON (Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation), Friends of Blair Mountain, and other groups working for a clean planet. Mastered beautifully by Jocko Randall of More Sound Studio and with the fresh and clear art work of Felicity Frisbie, the songs, mastering and artwork flow effortlessly to create an album of unity in diversity – as if the arts could shift the course of energy policy. (Purchase Information)

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