SkyTruth Releases Fracking Chemical Database –


SkyTruth has released a database created from more than 27,000
industry reports on the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, or
“fracking.” This data, obtained through a great expenditure of time
and effort by SkyTruth personnel, is being made freely available to
the public for research and analysis. This dataset is scrubbed from
FracFocus, and made more available through the hard work of Sky Truth.

Texas, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and five other states require
disclosure through FracFocus to respond to public calls for
transparency, but with the tools provided by FracFocus, data
aggregation and analysis is impossible. Despite these critical
shortcomings, the White House has identified this website as a tool
for providing transparency.

Unfortunately, more states are considering using FracFocus to address
calls for disclosure and the Bureau of Land Management is currently
finalizing new rules for fracking that will apply to millions of acres
of public land. In order for the public to be informed about the type
and amount of chemicals being used in fracking, sometimes even in
their backyards, SkyTruth believes this data must be made much more

The data were extracted from chemical disclosure reports submitted by
industry, for gas and oil wells fracked between
January 2011- August 2012. The SkyTruth Fracking Chemical Open
Database is the first free resource enabling research and analysis of
the chemicals used in fracking operations nationwide.

“The intelligible disclosure of industry information and data through
this SkyTruth action will make the task of research on the effects of
fracking much easier,” said Dr. Tony Ingraffea, professor of Civil and
Environmental Engineering at Cornell University. “This large and
ever-expanding dataset is invaluable for cross-referencing with other
datasets such as health and environmental quality.”


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