Voting and Hurricane Sandy – Updates For Affected States | League of Women Voters

Voting and Hurricane Sandy – Updates For Affected States | League of Women Voters.

Voting and Hurricane Sandy – Updates For Affected States

Last week we shared updates on changes in voting procedures in the many states affected by Hurricane Sandy. These states sought to mitigate the impact on voters. Over the weekend several new changes have been announced in New York, New Jersey and Maryland.

Below are the new changes voters need to be aware of as of 9:30 am ET on Monday November 5, 2012:

New York:

  • Absentee Ballot:All absentee ballot applications must be requested in person at your county board of elections by Monday, November 5. Absentee ballots must be postmarked no later than Monday, November 5, 2012. See more info from the state board of elections here.
  • Polling Place Changes: Due to Hurricane Sandy, poll site information for the November 6, 2012 election may change. Continue to visit the Secretary Of State page for the latest changes in polling places provided by each County Board of Elections. Updated polling places for New York City can be found here.
  • Voters statewide can call an emergency hotline for more information: 1-855-NYS-SANDY (1-855-697-7263).
  • Voters in New York City only can call an emergency hotline for more information: 212-465-0503 and 866-VOTE-NYC.

New Jersey:

  • Displaced voters can vote via fax or email by downloading a mail-in ballot application by 5pm on November 6. The ballots must be returned electronically or in person before 8 pm on November 6. Download your ballot application here.
  • Displaced voters and first responders can vote by provisional ballot at a polling place in any county in the state. If you are in your home county, vote at the polling place where you are registered.
  • Voters are encouraged to take advantage of extended office hours at county elections offices to cast their vote early and in-person. Registered voters can also obtain and cast a ballot in-person at their county elections office up until 3 pm Tuesday, November 6.
  • Look up contact information for your county official here. Voters may also call an emergency hotline, 1-877-NJVOTER.


  • Registered voters who are out of their county of residence due to Hurricane Sandy are able to apply for an absentee ballot up to 5 pm Monday November 5, 2012. Download the application here.
  • Completed ballots must be mailed on or before Election Day, November 6. Find the executive order here.

Voters all over the country can use to get needed election information. Use to set up your personalized voting guide that will include up-to-date information you need to cast your ballot, including your polling place, voting rules, and ID requirements.

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