The Public Radio Energy Project

The Public Radio Energy Project.

The Power of ONe

Just heard the national NPR program as described below on their website. I was sorry to hear Alex Chadwick hosting this have half-baked “self consciously unbiassed report”that was not unbiassed – one word for the industry, then another other word for the industry then a few words from people whose quality of life has been hurt and a lot of words from people whose pocketbooks have not. Just ordinary folks! Not a single scientist speaking against fracking and for it Berkeley’s Richard Muller, supposedly a scientist, who is very much for it, and whom only people who follow this know is now thoroughly discredited as any kind of thinker at all.. There was a lot of lachrymose hand wringing – oh…. how do we do choose between our needs and our ???? No steingraber, no ingraffea, no mackibben. Only one high point-a student who said the only thing we should be doing is living with less and stopping global warming,.And this the day after their fund raiser is over. Would they have done badly if it had been aired the day before? All over the country? I think so. They must hear from us! You can listen on line or tonight at 7pm.
Carole Marner

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