Shale Climate Impact debate: Don Siegel vs. Robert Howarth

Shale Climate Impact debate: Don Siegel vs. Robert Howarth

 Finally got ESF to post a debate from last December 2nd between Don Siegel and Robert Howarth, moderated by long-time ‘energy guru’ Charlie Hall. The video’s posted on Prof. Hall’s website:
(Right side, top: “Marcellus Shale Debate: Don Siegel & Robert W. Howarth”)

…An hour & 1/2 long video, worth watching entire.
Charlie is a top-notch moderator, and his students asked superb questions. Though the debaters start out addressing different concerns (Siegel ~ water & Howarth ~ climate impacts), they cover enough of same ground to widen the discussion.

Unlike some newscasts, you can stop & reposition video by time.
At ~ 40:15 minutes, Don says he’s come to like Bob’s paper.
Regarding the climate case for the next 20 years, Don basically admits Bob is likely right.

I think everyone, even the non-scientifically inclined, can learn much by watching this. No one was insulted or degraded, except maybe industry. What do you think, are the content and broader implications clear? Maybe R.Howarth could use some feedback.

Pete King

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