SUNY Buffalo Shale Institute–SUNY Board of Trustees

Across the cooperation of diversity, sacrifice and devotion we have substantially begun to accomplish the unwinding of SUNY from corrupted Oil & Gas foundational associations.

Buck’s coverage is in part, here:

With FOIL responses hosted here

Chip wrote the following post:

The pivotal event was for all of our press, private and organizational efforts to have reached very brave SUNY Trustees….Among them, Mr. Belluck.  The concise moment, is contained in this recent video of the Trustee’s Research and Economic Development Committee.  Only Mr. Belluck’s hands and forearms are visible in the bottom left corner of the tiny video…and to the last second, Mr. Belluck is jokingly chastised for the “meeting attire” that he is lacking.

All that matters is the bravery of Mr. Belluck’s message which I found very moving as a participant of this ‘Unconventional Resource Exploration’ journey dating back to 2008.

Click & drag (fast forward) to 1-hour, 12-minutes (01:12:00) on the timer (link below)  for the critical ‘Belluck segment’ to commence.

To completely comprehend the gravity of Mr. Belluck’s bravery watch 30-minutes prior as the senior Trustees extoll expanding corporate relationships of economic development and the balance of minutes to closing as they mentally process the strength of his warning.


Mr. Belluck’s demand in committee to “Shut-down” the UB institute politically transcends a Motion for full information disclosure which is then awarded a unanimous passing vote during the complete Board of Trustees Public Session:



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