US insurer won’t cover gas drill fracking exposure

The implications of this are HUGE and there can be little doubt that the gas industry is preparing a robust response (based on more deception and mis-information) concerning the “true” risks associated with fracking.  This is an opportunity to turn up the heat and change the debate to include concerns arising from insurers, who are not likely to be “radical environmentalists”.  If too risky for nationwide (who is on YOUR side), then what about YOUR community???????
US insurer won’t cover gas drill fracking exposure
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. has become the first major insurance company to say it won’t cover damage related to a gas drilling process that blasts chemical-laden water deep into the ground. The Columbus, Ohio-based company’s personal and commercial policies “were not designed to cover” risk from the drilling process, called hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, Nationwide spokeswoman Nancy Smeltzer said Thursday.


Nationwide, a major insurer, won’t cover gas hydrofracking exposure
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Insurer: No shale gas coverage
Albany Times Union
The state Department of Environmental Conservation is weighing proposed rules that would allow hydrofracking to begin in the Marcellus Shale, a gas-rich underground formation that runs through the southern part of the state from Buffalo, through the
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Nationwide Won’t Cover Fracking Losses
Hydrofracking is again in the news, but for a reason that hasn’t been much discussed during the usual debates about the controversial drilling process. This time it concerns insurance. Fox 40…
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