Industrialization of Finger Lakes

Seneca Lake Entergy Storage Facility  Photos of Industrialization of Seneca Lake.


I recently learned that you among others passed a bill designating Seneca Lake as a Scenic By-Way.

Attached please find several photographs of what is happening on Seneca Lake, as Kansas-City based Inergy prepares to turn Upstate NY into the gas storage and transport hub of the North East, with Seneca Lake at its epicenter. Please take a look at the attached photos. This unsightly project is visible from across the lake while driving down Route 414, the very section of road that would be designated as “scenic”.This will have a seriously negative impact on the Wine, Tourism and Agricultural businesses in our region, and will cause a major increase in truck traffic along our rural roads.

There seems to be a disconnect between your vision of the region and what is actually happening. We need your help, before it is too late. Please stop Inergy from industrializing the Finger Lakes.

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