Constitution Pipeline Presentation/maps

By Brian Brock, geologist. Taped 5-24-12. At Sidney Library, Sidney, NY.. Discussing Pipeline construction and the Constitution Pipeline coming in from Susquehanna County,
Pa. into Schoharie County, NY..  Published on May 25, 2012 by

For those who just wanted a link to the FERC site where docket number
PF12-9  for the Constitiution pipeline, here it is:
if there is a problem enter PF12-9 into the Docket number field and
hit submit.

Project over view map

Project maps on 7.5 minute maps.

Project over view alternitive route map.

Project alternitive routes on 7.5 minute maps.

Note: the route through the NYC reservior water sheds is still an

For those of you that can not wait to oppose something, people have
already sent letters opposing this line and you can read them on
the site.  Remember you will be joining with people that do not what
this in their back yards and may have a different view of drilling
than you, but now went NIMBLY on us or OMDB which I think is a more
accurate observation.

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