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Citizens’ Guide to PA Act 13.

On February 7, 2012, the Pennsylvania General Assembly enacted comprehensive amendments to Pennsylvania laws regulating the oil and gas industry in response to the rapid growth of the Marcellus shale industry.
This guide provides an easy-to-understand explanation of the major provisions of that new law. The guide was created to inform and educate citizens, municipal leaders, media, and others about the details and expected impact of the new law. The guide is deliberately written to be as accessible as possible to all, primarily presented in a question and answer format. The questions are organized by topics and the numbers at the end of each answer refer to the Section numbers of Act 13.
PennFuture’s legal staff, led by President and CEO George Jugovic Jr, Law Staff Chair Brian Glass, and Staff Attorney Mark Szybist, are the primary authors of this guide. The guide would not have been possible without the volunteer research assistance of Attorney Renee E. Della Fave.

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