Hydrofracking Forum (April 25, 2012) – YouTube

NYS Senate Minority Conference Hydrofracking Forum (April 25, 2012) – YouTube.

Forum: “Do Not Pollute Our Water by Hydrofracking!”
Dear Friend,
Wednesday my Democratic colleagues and I again took matters into our own hands to protect New Yorkers where the Senate Republicans have failed and have continued to ignore the concerns of the citizens they represent. Yesterday we invited advocates, experts, legislators and concerned families to testify and time after time after time each delivered the same message: “Do not pollute our drinking water by hydrofracking!”
Hydrofracking is a practice of extracting natural gases from the ground by blasting with a mixture of water and chemicals which are currently undisclosed and unregulated.  There have been dozens of extremely dangerous health and safety situations created by the process.
Once again the Majority Conference just doesn’t get it. They refused to hold a hearing on this matter which is why we went ahead and hosted a forum of our own.  It was a huge success.  In case you were unable to attend or watch live online, the hearing room was packed with advocates and members of the public who wanted to testify from our 11AM start time through until 3PM.   We had over 30 advocates testify about hydrofracking and time after time after time each delivered the same message.
We’ve taken all the video from Wednesday and put it online so you can review any and all of the participants and what everyone had to say.  There was a lot of great information being passed around.  For a summary of the whole event, you can read the press release here.
Please send back any feedback you have from today’s forum. I will keep you updated on my fight up here in Albany and I look forward to continuing our crusade to fight the frack today.
Tony Avella
State Senator
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