DiNapoli: New Yorkers Still Not Adequately Protected in Case of Natural Gas Accidents, 12/29/11

DiNapoli: New Yorkers Still Not Adequately Protected in Case of Natural Gas Accidents, 12/29/11.

DiNapoli Plan Provides Response for New Yorkers in Case of Natural Gas Accidents

Comptroller DiNapoli’s Legislative Program


Legislative Session 2011-2012:


Natural Gas Damage Compensation Fund  (Comptroller’s Program Bill # 20) – A. 8572 (Sweeney) – Submitted for Introduction – Establishes the natural gas production contamination response and compensation program; and creates the New York natural gas production contamination damage recovery and remediation fund.








Please read DiNapoli’s “proposal” on a decontamination, damage recovery and remediation fund. I wonder how they clean up a contaminated aquifer?  Where does the money come from for the “recovery fund”? His proposal doesn’t even include the words hydro fracking or fracking nor does his press release above. Read his “proposal” and discover loopholes galore and realize how poorly this “proposal” was written. See if you agree the word “person” as it’s frequently used – should be replaced by “company, developer, organization, syndicate”. How would any “person” ever be caught or found guilty of doing harm via fracking? And I wonder if NYSDEC has signed up for all of DiNapoli’s proposal? How about a property value guarantee made by the fracking company before they start drilling and include adjacent and neighboring properties too. If the fracking process is so benign then they have nothing to worry about. Are the fracking developers themselves putting money up front for a decontamination fund? Why not? Accidents – how about carelessness or deliberate rule violations and breaking of the law? DiNapoli’s “proposal” clearly needs an overhaul before implementation.



Please pass this along to those opposed to fracking.


Al Isselhard

Great Lakes Concerned Citizens


Great Lakes Wind Truth


Coalition On Article X
Wolcott, New York

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