Tully Oct. 3, 2011 How to Craft and Adopt Local Laws to Protect Land and Natural Resources

Monday     October 3, 2011   1-5pm   Tully, NY

Education & Information
 for Local Town Governments

How to Craft and Adopt 

Local  Laws

to Protect Land and Natural Resources 

This is a hands-on, how-to workshop.  Examples of local laws will be reviewed. Process of adoption will be reviewed. Possible benefits and risks will be outlined. The newly revised, released DEC sgeis will serve as background.

There is no one law for every town.  This workshop is being presented  with a clear understanding that laws must be in accordance with each individual town’s comprehensive plan, existing zoning ordinances, designations and actual natural features.

Careful review of examples from towns across NYS
 * Moratorium on heavy industrial usage (9 months)  
 * Heavy Industrial Usage Ban
 * Specific Hydro-fracking Gas Drilling Ban

 * Back up findings and documentation to support bans such as long EAF, comprehensive plans, CEA designations, agricultural districts, etc.


 Effective, Specific Types of Zoning
 * local wetlands protection
 * steep slope protection
 * no clear cutting
 * noise control
 * air pollution – source based pollution
 * night artificial lighting protection
 * truck traffic regulation
 * aquifer protection

Interactive Presentations and Discussions with:

Michael E. Kenneally, Jr.
Associate Counsel
Association of Towns of the State of New York
Albany, NY

Helen Slottje, Attorney
David Slottje, Attorney
Community Environmental Defense Council

Guy K. Krogh, Attorney
Ithaca, NY

October 3, 2011

1:00 – 5:00 pm 


Open to any local town supervisor, board member, attorney, zoning and comprehensive committee members or involved citizen.

Must pre-register by September 24th.  Limit 60.  Already filling up!!!

  Email fishswimfreely@gmail.com with name, town, position, contact info.

St. Leo’s Catholic Church
Community Hall
10 Onondaga St.
Tully, NY

less than a mile of Rt. 81, Tully exit

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