Cortland Environmental Committe Urges Ban on Drilling Waste Water

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Cortland Environmental Committe Urges Ban on Drilling Waste Water

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Cortland City lawmakers are considering a local law that would ban the City from accepting waste by products from natural gas drilling operations at the City’s wastewater treatment plant.

Last night the City council discussed a proposal form the City’s environmental advisory committee that would prohibit the wastewater from drilling at the treatment plant.

Frank Kelley of the Environmental committee says there are concerns over the facilities ability to treat the various chemicals and compounds that may be in the drilling waste, as well as the impact the discharge may have on the Tioughnioga river.

Members of the committee suggested that the law should be expanded to cover all waste including pretreated waste water from drilling, but City Waste Water plant operator Bruce Adams said he would refuse any material he didn’t feel was acceptable at the plant and the council should leave some flexibility in the law.

The law is subject to a public hearing on September 6th, the council would then have to vote on the measure.

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