Ulysses town adopts industrial ban

Town of Ulysses local law public hearing

100% of speakers in favor of prohibition of gas drilling industrialization June 29, 2011, Trumansburg, NY

Summary by Krys Cail The hearing for the Town of Ulysses new local law regarding gas drilling was held last night. Our law is a bit different than some others, in that it asserts that Town zoning law, which has a limited area in which only light industrial uses are allowed, has always prohibited heavy industrial uses such as those associated with HVSW hydrofracking. Our proposed local law clarifies this existing prohibition. The Elementary School auditorium was definitely necessary to accommodate the large turnout. Speaker after speaker after speaker got up to address the board. After an hour and a half of testimony, the relieved crowd left in a jubilant mood– not a single speaker had failed to completely support the Board’s proposed law. In my 25 years of active involvement as a citizen in Town issues, I have never seen an issue about which there was such unanimous opinion. This in a town with deep, contentious divisions between Democrats and Republicans, rural people of limited means and wealthy academics and lakeshore second home owners. For one evening, we put our differences aside and spoke clearly: if there is one thing we agree about, it is that we love where we live and we don’t want it fracked. WHAT are you waiting for? Give your town’s residents a chance to stand up for the worth of their town! Start that petition today! How to submit comments

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