WFP Petition to Cuomo to Ban Hydrofrackin in NYS

If we want to protect New York’s drinking water from risky natural gas drilling, we need to act now.

The New York Times just reported on a Congressional investigation into hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”), a drilling method that threatens our water supply and our environment. The investigation reported that companies including Halliburton have been pumping tens of millions of gallons of diesel oil into our water supply as part of the fracking procedure.

After grassroots pressure from tens of thousands of concerned New Yorkers, the State Senate approved a moratorium on fracking this summer. But it’s time to tell Gov. Cuomo that a moratorium isn’t enough — we need to ban fracking permanently in New York before our water supply becomes contaminated.

Sign the Working Families Party telling Gov. Cuomo to ban fracking.  Just go to:

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