NY Gas Development and Leasing Issues-Cortland SWCD Feb. 28 7pm

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New York Gas Development Update & Leasing Considerations (2/28/2011, Grange Auditorium, Free and Open to Public)

An educational seminar on natural gas exploration is scheduled for Monday February 28th, from 7pm to 9pm at the New York State Grange Headquarters in Cortland, NY.  The seminar will focus on future leasing considerations, how to ensure an expired lease is released by gas companies along with an update on gas development in NY.

As policy makers and stakeholders continue to debate the risks and benefits of natural gas development in New York, the outlook is still unclear.  Much of upstate New York contains significant natural gas reserves that will continue to attract the gas industry.  Therefore, rural landowners will still be faced with complicated decisions regarding drilling and related activities such as pipelines, compressor stations, water storage and access roads.

Brett Chedzoy, an expert from Cornell Cooperative Extension will be providing an update on the current status of gas development in NY and highlight key leasing recommendations for landowners.  Joe Heath, Esq. will be on hand explaining the process of getting an expired lease released by a gas company.   He will also share some of the tactics gas companies are using to attempt to extend existing leases, some of which are preventable.  The seminar will also take a glimpse at our neighbors in Pennsylvania, painting a picture of what our landscape may look like when exploration activities commence in NY.

This seminar is sponsored by the Cortland County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) and is free and open to the public.  If you have any questions about the seminar or any of the services or programs provided by the SWCD please call 607-756-5991

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