Cornell Energy Conference March 31-April 2 –

Cornell Energy Conference March 31-April 2 .

Cornell Environmental Law Society 2011 Energy Conference

Gas Drilling, Sustainability & Energy Policy: Searching for Common Ground

Location: Cornell Law School, Myron Taylor & Anabel Taylor Hall, Ithaca, New York
Here are the video streams for all but the opening keynote and first panel in Anabel Taylor Hall.  We hope to have those available in the future.  Note that the below links are unedited.  For example, “Saturday Panels” includes all events for Saturday in one continuous stream.  But you can forward to any portion of the day.
Thursday Evening Community Discussion
Friday Afternoon G90 Panel
Saturday Panels

Description: The conference will explore the legal, scientific, and business perspectives on Shale Gas Development and hydraulic fracturing (“hydrofracking“).  This issue has ignited a fierce battle over energy and the environment in New York State.  Eight fast-paced and interactive panels will use natural gas drilling as a lens to explore national energy policy, the global energy market, and the integral role the law must play in creating energy security and ensuring a sustainable future.  The conference brings together over 45 distinguished speakers from Cornell University and around the country working in law, science, business, and government from all sides of the energy debate.

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